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Winning Customers

In the competitive world of the 21st Century, simply offering even the most compelling proposition is far from enough. We can help enhance the skills of your team in all the following areas...

Consultative Selling

All about how to engage the prospect in a meaningful and thought provoking dialogue in order that the seller can shape the solution that’s most appropriate and the Buyer becomes motivated to take action. Questioning and listening skills are key to success as are influencing skills and the ability to present a compelling argument why to purchase from you. What impact would an improvement in these areas have on the conversion ratios your team currently enjoys?

Reposition the Opposition

There’s little point in describing the benefits of your proposition if the prospect isn’t dissatisfied with their current supplier. After all, there’s risk involved in change - so why should they? We can provide your sales team with the skills which motivate the prospect to think again about their current supplier - to Reposition the Opposition. Does your sales team operate in the sort of highly satisfied and competitive market where stunning successes have been achieved with this approach?

Team based selling

It’s not easy to orchestrate the complementary skills, knowledge and abilities of different functions within the business in order to effectively drive forward the customer’s buying process. How developed are your team’s skills in planning, project management - and in particular how to influence colleagues over whom they have no authority?

Selling to different personalities

Have you come across the saying: “people buy on emotion, and then justify through logic”? There’s a lot of truth in that. Different sorts of people have different buying styles and different communication styles. How skilled is your team at identifying different personality types and then adjusting their approach accordingly?

Principled Negotiation

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity! When selling at a margin of 30%, reducing price by just 10% means that volume needs to increase by 50% just to retain the same overall level of revenue! Does your sales team understand how to calculate these numbers, what generates profit, how to avoid losing profit, and how to manage the negotiation process to achieve these outcomes?

Telephone based selling

Whilst all the above are relevant here, this specialised area provides the professional salesperson with some specific challenges. Our experienced team can provide tailored support that will propel forward the results being achieved from telephone based sales activity.

Presenting to Groups

How do your salespeople feel when ‘on stage’? Confident, articulate and convincing, or would they rather just be somewhere else?! We can help them deliver the sales pitch that wins.

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