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Sales Process

A process is something that’s repeatable, and when done in the same way will each time achieve the same or similar result; the more efficient the process, the more effective the result.

The significance of refining process is illustrated well by the introduction of the first ever assembly line by Ford, which reduced the production time for the Model T Ford automobile from 12.5 hours to 93 minutes. Same tools, same people (although less of them were required), same skills - but with their efforts now better focussed by an improved manufacturing process.

Ensuring people are doing the right things in the right way is just as important in the production of sales.

How highclere can help


Sales Strategy

We can review the competitive arena you operate in and the middle & long term strategy that aims to drive success. As a consequence we can provide recommendations for future strategic direction and the sales management practices (such as incentive programmes) that will best support it. Is your Customer Value Proposition truly compelling?

Sales Process - macro

We can define how the sales team currently implements the strategy, i.e. what exactly the sales team does in reality, all the way from prospect identification, through to winning the sale, through to the long term management of the customer relationship. This analysis enables us to address questions such as...

* Is this the most effective and efficient way of doing things?

* Could the process itself evolve in any way to make it more effective?

* Can implementation of one or more steps of the process be improved by enhancing the skills of the team?

Sales Process - salesperson activity

How the team structures the face-to-face sales discussion and provides the appointment winning telephone call with a framework is important too. How clear are they on what provides the best chance of success?

We can also help improve Territory Management skills, and of course help sales teams improve their Time Management and Organisation skills. In particular, is the Team really making the most of the CRM / contact management system your Organisation uses?

What increase in returns could your sales team achieve by improving one or more of these areas?

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