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Managing the Sales Team

Our experience and research shows that the actions of sales management have a profound influence on the sales success of the Organisation. If the sales management team in your Organisation enhanced their skill set by just 1%, what impact would this have on results? We can help in all the following areas...

Sales Management (general)

Knowing how to employ the right people for the sales team in the first place is critical. The ability to direct, motivate, engage, and grow the team is fundamental to success, as is the ability to effectively manage underperformance. The more business focussed skills of forecasting, sales planning, and setting objectives are important too, as are those that ensure sales meetings are motivational events rather than just a review of figures. Does your sales management team enjoy market leading ability in all these areas?

Field Sales Management

There are more sales teams working from home today than probably ever before. How well does your sales management team understand the challenges this provides, and so how to manage effectively ‘at distance’?

(Click here for more details on spending the day with a member of the team: “Field Visit Management”).

Key Account Management (KAM) and Sales Management practices

Sales management practices have more impact on the successful implementation of a KAM strategy than any other one factor. If your Organisation has key accounts, do you really have the most appropriate sales management practices in place? (Our own research provides us particular expertise in this area.)

Contact Centre Management

Another specialist arena, where the fundamental principles of sales management remain the same, but their focus is a little different. Do the activities of your managers and team leaders reflect what’s currently regarded as ‘best practice’?

Growing and Motivating team units

Different to growing and motivating the individuals in the team; high performing team units achieve synergy, i.e. a bigger result than would be achieved if each of its individual members acted individually. How close to this high performing nirvana is your sales team?

Sales Leadership

It’s been postulated for a long time that ‘leadership’ impacts significantly on sales success - recent research has shown this to categorically be the case. How well does your sales management team understand what ‘leadership’ means, what ‘engagement’ means, and how to achieve high levels of engagement in the team they are responsible for?

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