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Keeping Customers

A more precise title for this section would be “retaining the most appropriate customers profitably”. We can help develop the mindset and skills base to support all the following...

Account Management

The cost of winning new customers means that maintaining the relationship and sales revenue once the customer has been initially won is critical for many businesses. How proactively does your sales team operate in order to drive market leading levels of customer satisfaction and so gain a pool of advocates for future testimonials?

Key Account Management (KAM)

Rather more in depth than the more straight forward ‘account management’, this discipline focuses on the orchestration of internal resources in order to proactively manage the Organisation’s most strategic accounts. How effectively do your Key Account Managers protect the (likely to be substantial) business of such accounts from competitor attack by developing these strategic links?

Global Account Management

An increasingly common scenario, which challenges the professional salesperson to manage ‘at distance’ with sensitivity to how cultural issues influence both communication and business process. What levels of expertise do your global account managers have with particular regard to the markets abroad your Organisation operates in?

Managing Resellers and Distributors

Similar to the role of the sales manager, these scenarios challenge the professional salesperson to ‘sell through others’. Influencing others to sell on your behalf when you’re not there is quite some challenge, as is managing the relationship between the Selling and Purchasing Organisations as a whole. How well do your team apply themselves to these challenges?

(The Sales Management practices required to underpin all of the above are quite different to those appropriate for a more straight forward consultative selling environment. For more details of how we can help ensure you have the management policies and practices in place that are appropriate to a KAM environment, click here.)

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