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Finding Customers

For sales teams focussed on winning new business, establishing initial contact with the prospect is arguably the most important ability of all; even the most honed selling skills are redundant without a prospect to sell to in the first place.

highclere can help to develop the skills of your sales team in this critical area....

Winning appointments via telephone

Knowing how to gain access via gatekeepers, open the conversation, structure the call, and gain the commitment for a meeting all underpin development of the ingredient essential for success - confidence. Why not tap into our expertise in order to increase the number of appointments won by your sales team?

Networking Skills

Knowing how to break the ice, introduce yourself, and leave people wanting to meet you again, turns seminars, meetings, symposia and exhibitions into extraordinary opportunities to develop new contacts. How much more could your team sell if they were more talented in this area?

Making the most of exhibitions

Potentially the most effective way of wasting resources - which is what happens when exhibitions are not planned, implemented, or followed-up as professionally as they could be. If your team was just 10% more effective in this area, how many more leads and sales would that produce?

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