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Developing the Sales Team

Growing the skills and abilities of the team both increases Outputs and reduces staff turnover. Rather like investing money, it makes good sense to invest with a partner who is passionate about ensuring the capital of your team enjoys impressive growth...

Sales Academies

The most effective sales academies are built on a sales competency framework, with recognition achieved by implementation of skills in the workplace and the achievement of targeted results as a consequence. Properly designed and implemented, a sales academy is a strategic tool that drives a true sales culture. Have you considered how a sales academy could drive the results and sales culture of your Organisation?

Sales Qualifications

A range of formal sales qualifications are available globally. These range from Certificate (UK ‘level 2’) to Masters Degree. There are of course pro’s and cons to these, and we have the expertise to guide you through the options & alternatives available, and how these have the potential to support your business.

Coaching Skills for Sales Managers

Research has shown categorically that sales managers highly skilled in this area are more successful. Skilled coaches drive both high quality Inputs and the motivation in people to implement them. What extra could your sales management team achieve by enhancing their ability to coach?

Field Visit Management

What happens when the field based sales manager accompanies a member of the team for the day? Does the manager take over in front of the customer, or does the preparation, the day itself, and the follow-up to it, follow a recognised structure that motivates and further develops the skills of the salesperson?

Training the Sales Team

Your Organisation will have a range of people involved in the ongoing training & development of the sales team - from the sales manager who organises short sessions during sales meetings, through to the training specialist who is asked to design and facilitate a bespoke workshop. We can help develop the know-how and skills to maximise the returns from development activities; is the most really being made of these opportunities?

We can also provide guidance on how to benchmark the training your Organisation provides against external Standards (such as the UK National Occupational Standards in Sales) and link sales competencies to reward systems and job titles.

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