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About us

Why work with us?

We accelerate achievement of our clients’ sales plans by providing specifically designed & targeted B2B sales focussed solutions that are built to pay for themselves.

Sometimes an evolution of sales strategy or sales process provides the most effective way forward, as can the development of a sales coaching culture or the building of a sales academy. The development of appropriate and robust sales management practices driven by a highly skilled sales management team is certainly fundamental to success. We help to identify what will be the most effective way forward, and then support implementation of the most suitable solution.

When a training event is the most appropriate way forward, working in partnership with our clients is what drives success. This means working with you to identify which Key Performance Indicators need to be influenced, designing and tailoring events specifically to do this, and then working with you to ensure that the Action Plans delegates build during the event become embedded as every day practice.

It makes sense to work with us because...

...we are specialists in the B2B professional sales arena.

...our team are specialists, experienced as practitioners and with a proven track record as sales and training consultants.

...we build tailored solutions which produce results - not simply something ‘off the shelf’.

...when developing the skills of the team we will work with you to embed the skills into everyday practice afterwards - not just run a course.

...we prefer to identify ‘up front’ how to objectively measure success of any project and then monitor these Key Performance Indicators with you afterwards.

...we prefer to work closely, in partnership, and in synergy with our clients.

...we have experience of delivering events in Europe, North America, South America and the Far East, and have the capability of delivering in languages other than English.

...we are happy to provide the direct contact details of current clients so you can be assured of our passion for excellence.

...initial consultation is free - you’ve got nothing to lose.

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