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"What's your brand?" - 21st Century Sales Management, February 2019
24 February 2019

The Job Purpose of a Sales Manager is to achieve sales through others - a nice and straightforward definition.  The role though is far from straightforward; adapting management, leadership and communication styles to the needs of each individual in the team,  building and sustaining a highly engaging environment around the team, and retaining an up to date understanding of customer needs and the market place as a whole, are just some of the challenges involved. 

With all these immediate and tactical issues, it can be all too easy to lose sight of the importance of influencing some of the longer-term issues which in turn influence in the role and future career progression.  This edition of 21st Century Sales Management considers just one of these: Personal Brand. read the rest of the paper, either double click on the icon or download to read at your leisure (and there's no need to leave any contact details!)

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"What's your brand?" - 21st Century Sales Management, February 2019
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