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Seminar: "Why Salespeople don't make good negotiators"
31 October 2018

The Christmas meeting of the UK Sales Performance Association (SPA) is taking place on Monday 10th December at the Hilton Hotel, Warwick.

In this masterclass, International speaker and best selling author Simon Hazeldine will explore why so many salespeople struggle when they are negotiating with their customers.

This interactive session will include:
*  The psychological profile of the salesperson, and how this might be helping or hindering their negotiation success
*  The underlying belief that so many salespeople have that causes them to make concessions too easily and quickly in customer negotations
*  What is the difference between selling and negotiating and do salespeople really understand this?
*  Selling behaviours that cause problems in the negotiating stage of the process 
*  The 'upstream errors' that cause 'downstream problems' in the sales process
*  What Sales Managers are doing that causes their salespeople to make negotiation mistakes
*  What should we, as the sales performance sector, be doing to close the negotiation skills gap?

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