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"Field Based Coaching" - 21st Century Sales Management, August 2017
07 August 2017

To begin with, let's have a show of hands...

Could you put your hand up please if you ever spend time visiting customers with a salesperson?  So this could be as their Sales Manager, or as a colleague of theirs from the sales training team, or perhaps even an HR person who specialises in training & development per se.


If you now have your hand up in the air, then keep it there if you’ve received formal training in coaching skills.  If I was giving points out at this stage, then I’d be giving extra points if you’d also been required to demonstrate your capability to coach effectively as part of this training!


Hopefully we still have quite a few hands in the air.  Now here's the crunch: keep your hand in the air if... 


To read the rest of the paper, either double click on the icon, or download (free of charge :-)   ) to read at your leisure...





"Field Based Coaching" - 21st Century Sales Management, August 2017
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