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SPA Masterclass: "How is unlearning enabled in Sales Organisations?"
01 August 2017

The autumn meeting of the Sales Performance Association is taking place on Tuesday 26th September at Gloucester Rugby Ground.  Guest speaker for this event is Georgie Lack, Teaching Fellow at the University of Bath.

Findings from research are emerging that show how important the ability to simultaneously 'unlearn' and 'learn' is for sales organisations looking to compete in dynamic markets.

As Buyers demand agile responses and value-creating solutions to meet their needs, sales organisations are becoming aware of the changing of buying, buying processes, and buyer behaviour.  The more successful ssales organisations are now revisiting their customer alignment strategies in order to prevent obsolescence and deliver sustainable revenue performance.  For this to be successful, there is thr need for a new sales capability: The ability to unlearn - developing mechanisms to discard obsolete routines and behaviours whilst simultaneously learning.  As dominant logic is resistant to learning and unlearning, sales organisations cannot rely on the unstructured and lengthy forgetting or fading of the old.  Instead they need to structure intentonal mechanisms for the enablement of unlearning, simultaneously with learning.

Sales leadership and managemen teams looking to actively unlearn whilst learning, are likely to meet resistance where deeply engrained and entrenched practices and methods, legitimised by past sales success, have become the dominant way of being.  In this Masterclass you will hear the latest research in sales enablement and learn strategies that you can implement in your business in order to stay ahead of the curve.

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