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NEW BOOK: "Sales Management: Developing the skills of the sales team"
10 December 2016

This book provides the practical know-how required to grow the skills, knowledge, and abilities of the sales team.

Available now on Amazon:

This comprehensive text provides an understanding of the core principals of people development, and more importantly how to apply these principles pragmatically in the real and busy world of the sales professional. The author has amassed a collosal amount of practical sales training and sales consultancy experience, and this comes across in the practical style of the writing, backed up by references to robust and objective data proving that what's described really does make a difference.

Key areas discussed include...
* How to ensure training is properly targetted rather than 'sheep dip'
* What 'coaching' really means and how to coach effectively
* Applying coaching principles in the real world
* Maximising training effectiveness, and so Return on Investment
* How to gain the buy-in of the sales team, and win their enthusiastic participation
* How to justify training investment and win more training budget
* How to make the most of the various options available (training courses, e-learning, etc.)
* Why formal sales qualifications should be a valid consideration
* Growing and developing Sales Managers

The final section of the book includes Case Studies of two sales focused organisations who have successfully and very effectively developed their sales teams... in fact so much so that both have won national training awards as a consequence. These Case Studies demonstrate beautifully how to 'do it right'!

"A must-read practical guide for Sales Managers... Following Tim's advice has seen my team deliver a year on year increase of 17%" Andy Spetch, National Sales Manager (Topsoil), British Sugar

"...provides a practical and accessible manual to help busy Sales Managers achieve results and increase and enhance the skills of their people..." Debbie Carter, Editor, Training Journal

"All sales team development is not necessarily about training courses, as Tim so rightly recognises, but about coaching and mentoring, which this book provides an understanding of with great insight, and in a structured and informative style" Peter Cooksley, Chairman, Sales Performance Association

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